Clear The Room
Can't Touch Reginald (where we have a mascot)
Came To Rectify
Cow Tipping Rejects
Can't Talk, Run
Cygorgs Take Rhonda
Camel Toe Researchers
Cancel The Reservations
Certain Timid Ruffians
Cower, Tower, Rho (or Roe) (but not Row)
Como Te Ramas
Crawl, Tumble, Rumble
Cobras That Read
Came To Rumble
Caustic Timely Ridicule
Crass Tribal Reapers
Certain Treasures Remain
Central Telligence Ragency
Can't Touch Ris, Bowww,Bowm Bowm Bowm, Bowm Bowm, Bowm Bowm, Rammer time!
Came to Revolt
Count Those Revolutions
Chunder, Then Rally
Cut, Trip, Rip
Can't Tolerate Redfish
Classic Turtle Romp
Come Torture Reamus
Castrate The Robber
Cheer, Taunt, Ridicule

-the brainchild of Jed Mitchell, et al.