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DUI 2000

From the brilliance of Dave McGee

Come on everybody, sop sop sopo!

Hey chicks and peeps,

I have to say it again: great weekend everyone!  The unveiling of the
Hillary for Senate campaign was a successful one, and a good time was
had by all.  Our overall record was 2-5, but what we gained from the
tournament far exceeds what can be judged by a win/loss record.  Let me
provide a quick recap, for those who weren't there.

Day 1:

Game 1 vs. Mountain Ultimate Disc
This was a team of energetic and highly spirited kids from Quincy, a
mountain town east of Chico.  What they lacked in skill they made up for
with facial hair.  They were fun to play, but did not put up much
resistance, and in the end served as a merely a warmup for later
Hillary for Senate: 11
MUD: 0

Game 2 vs. Rippit
Ouch.  The quality of opponent rose exponentially for our next game.
Rippit is a veteran team who is a perennial contender at nationals and
went to the semifinals of worlds.  They put a zone on us, and we were
never really able to break it.  Guess what we'll work on in practice
Hillary: 1
Rippit: 11

Game 3 vs. The Sassy Sassafras Lollipop Experience
After two byes we took on this friendly team from San Francisco.  Still
recovery from the spanking in game 2 and still digesting from Chico's
Tecate Grill, we were quickly down 4-0.  We started to catch fire on the
defensive end, including several tremendous D's from Wally, and brought
the score back to 5-4 in favor of Sassy.  Some more zone took us out of
our game again, and a time cap ended the closely contended game a bit
too early.  The post game love-fest was quite fun, although when
reflecting on it later, Joy Miyahira (whose nose comes up to about the
armpit of your average sweaty man) stated, "They smelled.  Bad."
Hillary: 5
Sassy: 8

Game 4 vs. Feral Cows, whoops, I mean Snow Leopards
More zone.  More turnovers.  But there was also a sick layout D from
Danimal Rochberg.  And in perhaps our best cheer of the day we opted to
ignore their weak attempt to masquerade as cows, and celebrated their
true guise: that of the snow leopard - lord of the tundra and bearer of
retractable claws.
Hillary: 4
Snow Leopards: 11

Day 2:
Game 1 vs. FlewMona, aka The Skulls
Although we ended pool play at 1-3, we were still in the hunt for the A
bracket.  We came out strong and played some of our best ultimate of the
weekend against this team of Yale castaways.  Liberated from the curse
of the clipboard, Hillary traded points with this quality team (which
went 3-1 the day before) until the score was knotted at 8-8.  The time
cap went on, so the next point would decide it.  We sent out a
smothering defensive team, and the Skulls were fortunate to catch some
swilly throws when the stall counts got high.  After a questionable foul
call the Skulls finally won it with a half-field hammer to the back of
the endzone.  A well-fought game.
Hillary: 8
Skulls: 9

Game 2 vs. MUD (again)
Nothing takes care of the pangs of a close loss like playing these
guys.  We relaxed and coasted to an easy victory.
Hillary: a lot
MUD: not so much

Game 3 vs. Nuthin Beats Bacon
This was the semifinals of the B-bracket.  All I can say about this game
is that it was a lot of fun, we played hard, and our improvement was
apparent.  We led for most of the game, but faded down the stretch.  But
we'll be back.
Hillary: 10
Bacon: 13

That was our final game.  We then went to cheer for Dan.  There is every
reason to be completely and totally excited about where this team is
headed.  There was improvement in virtually every game we played.  I'm
psyched.  You should be too.  I have more to say, but this email is
getting too long so I will send another one shortly (lucky you!).
Again, great weekend everyone!

Freak my jeep,